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Planning a home renovation can involve fun activities such as designing a new floor plan or picking fixtures and paint colors.

Some home renovations include:

  • - Upgraded Room Additions
  • - New Roof
  • - More Living Space
  • - Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades


The best investments are those in which you invest a lot less than what you get back. Painting your home is one of those kinds of investments.

Some reasons why you should paint:

  • - Home’s Exterior is Stressed Out
  • - Repair is Needed
  • - Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal
  • - Increase the Value of your Home
  • - It’s Just that Time


To make your home as electrically safe as possible, you should make time each year to inspect the condition of your home electrical system.

Symptoms of home electrical wiring problems may include

  • - Household lights that dim or flicker, or a TV picture that shrinks in size
  • - Evidence of arcs or sparks coming from the electrical system
  • - Sizzling or buzzing sounds emanating from the electrical system
  • - Wire insulation that is visibly damaged
  • - Fuses that blow frequently, or circuit breakers that trip often


Need help with your plumbing projects? Whether it's a leaky faucet or a clogged drain, our experts can help you.

Common plumbing problems may include:

  • - Clogged Sink or Tub Drain
  • - Broken Toilet Handle
  • - Overflowing Toilet
  • - Clogged Toilet
  • - Loose Toilet
  • - Broken Sink Stopper


Whether you're looking to install crown molding, or just need any other carpentry work, our quality craftsman who can handle every project.

Some of our carpentry work include:

  • - Molding Installation
  • - Installing Kitchen/Bathroom Countertops
  • - Cabinet Installation
  • - Installing stairways &railings
  • - Installing Sheds, Gazebos and Much More!


Whether we're laying ceramic floor tile in your kitchen, installing hardwood floors in your living room or making tile repairs in your bathroom, we can help solve all your home improvement headaches after just one call.

We install:

  • - Ceramic floor tile
  • - Hardwood floors
  • - Laminate floors
  • - Composite Floors


We solves all your outdoor home repair needs in one phone call. From mending fences, making deck repairs, exterior door installation and much more.

Common seasonal maintenance work includes:

  • - Fences
  • - Doors
  • - Siding, Brick or Stucco
  • - Power Washing
  • - Deck Maintenance


A nice home deck provides a beautiful and relaxing spot for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. It's important to stay up to date on deck maintenance in order to enjoy that relaxing space.

We provide the following deck servicesl:

  • - New Deck Design & Installation
  • - Deck Maintenance & Repair
  • - Deck Staining & Painting
  • - Power Washing
  • - Winterizing Services

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